We work with a number of training & development firms to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients. Here are a few of the companies that we are closely working with:




Financial Training Solutions (FTS) is our Instructor-Led-Training sister company.  FTS specializes in providing training for banking and security operations as they relate the the trade life-cycle.  Delivering programs globally with a primary focus on New York, London and Dubai.  Additionally FTS offers a complete menu of programs in the capital and wealth markets, due to our deep instructor pool.  In combination with CapitalWave’s simulations, FTS delivers programs that are instructive and engaging.




MOOC’s are disrupting the academic world with a learning frame-work that will change corporate training too.  CPDex is the first MOOC specifically targeting the corporate market.  CPDex is launching a series of training programs that are targeting the financial sector, and will then expand to cover programs in Accounting, Insurance, Law, Medicine and Real Estate.   CapitalWave is a founding investor in CPDex.





The Arab Academy of Banking and Finance (AAoBF) has partnered with CapitalWave on delivery of Instructor-Led-Training programs for the capital and wealth markets.  The Arab Academy is focusing on delivering programs in Dubai and throughout the Gulf Council region. The Arab Academy is a partnership between a number of instructors and CapitalWave Inc.