CapitalMMS (v 1.20 -latest update Jan 2020) for 9 years we have been discussing the development of this simulation platform.  We hesitated for so long becuase the markets were rapidly changing.  Market Making was once the pervay of the Specialists on a trading floor.  For more than 100 years, specialists (market makers) determined how markets were maintained and managed. Starting in 1967, with Instinet, we started seeing that this role was being automated. The London Stock Exchange was the first major exchange to eliminate the market maker role and became all digital.  Now, just about all trading is managed electronically.  Electronic trading dominates the financial world with amazing efficiency and speed.  The manual method of marketing making is all but dead, except for very small markets.

So, why would we create this simulation platform now?  Excellent question.  In conjunction with both clients and other training companies, it was determined that learning this skill was still of high value.  There was more to just thinking that markets are digitial and ran by algorithms.   Learning and experiencing this role leads to greater understanding of how markets work.

Once we decided to build this platform, it then has taken us 18 months to build this simulation platform.  We over-reached and added so many features and functions that it is mind-boggleing. We are so very excited to announce its launch.  Welcome to our Marking Making Simulator (MMS).

This interactive stock market simulation allows for traders to experience the high pressure of real market making trading.  As with all of our simulation platforms, it gives the Instructor the ability to tightly control the experience.  The MMS currently allows for trading of Equities.

The CapitalMMS was designed to run in both open and closed training facilities.  It can even run simulations in geographically diverse locations.  Having an instructor in one city and participants distributed globally.   In open facilities, delegates that are not local can participate in the simulations via the internet — keeping even those remote participants engaged in programs where they are not local.

There are 20+ simulations that come with the platform.  Allowing for instructors to deliver increasingly complex simulations to delegates, as their skills increase and the complexicity of simulations.

As will all CapitalWave simulations, the MMS includes a very deep analytic metric analysis of each trader.  Depending on the level of complexity that an instructor is teaching, the analytics provide detailed P&L, Limits, Winners vs Losing trade analysis,  VaR, RaROC, Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio, Sortino Ratio and Information Ratio on each trader.  The inclusion of these Risk Management Reports is part of an overall enhancement to all of our simulation platforms for 2020.

The CapitalMMS is the most advanced financial Market Making trading simulator on the market.