Digital Learning Environment

Our Digital Learning Environment (DLE) is our implementation of the MOOC learning-framework.  Many of the larger MOOC environments have been a test-bed of innovation, with lots of trial and errors.  We have continually looked at what features are most engaging and how they are implemented.

Features like enrollment and course outlines are an absolute must.  Video training is indispensable for learning.  Online resources are invaluable.  Ongoing testing and assessment are mandatory.  Discussion forums that are attuned to courses, modules, and lessons are required.

Twitter, microblogs, and full-blown blogs are generally not welcome in today’s corporate environment. Social bookmarking may be an ideal that many firms feel that they want to offer staff is generally shunned by their compliance departments.

Our original approach to the DLE was to attempt to work within existing LMS frameworks. Most LMS frameworks are way too restrictive for flexible MOOC delivery.  Our next approach was to copy what various firms were offering (even using their open-source code).  Quickly dropping that approach to develop our own platform because these open-source platforms provided limited security and bolstering the ‘assessment and testing’ features was major surgery.DLE

The DLE is comprised of four main functions:

  1. VCP – Video Content Platform
  2. FSP – Financial Simulation Platform
  3. ORA – Online Resources and Assessments
  4. Admin – The administrative back end that manages courses, instructors, staff and deep metrics.

Our DLE platform is flexible, tuned to MOOC-style courses, has a deep testing and assessment system, offers powerful discussion forum and can be conveniently integrated into single-sign-on systems to insure ease and access for all participants.

Without a doubt, this platform is our most disruptive training product. The DLE has already changed the delivery of two major firms (one in the UK and one in the US).

The delivery method is a game-changer for companies, staff, learning and development teams, and for line managers. For many firms, an offering of training is only one small consideration to offering and delivery. Issues such as time away from the desk, cost of flying staff to a specific location, hotel and accommodation costs for the programs, better metrics for ROI and availability to review material afterward. These other costs generally are 5-10x’s the cost of the program.

CapitalWave is at the forefront of delivering programs via our custom training portal. We have taken the learning framework of MOOC’s and have applied them in creating a custom/private MOOC to deliver specialized training.