CapitalOTS (v 1.2 – coming Sept 2020) is our highly engaging Option Trading Simulator (OTS).  This interactive simulation platform allows for delegates (traders) to experience the high pressure of real options trading.  Instructors tightly control the experience.  The OTS platform provides the ability to replicate any market condition.  It allows Instructors to present volatility that is not represented in the current marketplace.  This enables delegates to engage with market conditions that they would otherwise not experience.  Allowing them to develop approaches to market conditions that will be of value to them.

The CapitalOTS is capable of running in both open and closed training facilities.  The platform is capable of engaging with course participants that are geographically diverse.  Having an instructor in one city and participants distributed globally.   In open facilities, delegates that are not local can participate in the simulations via the internet — keeping even those remote participants engaged in programs.

As with all of our simulations platforms, the CapitalOTS includes analytic metrics on the performance of each trader.   The inclusion of these  Reports is part of an overall enhancement to all of our simulation platforms for 2020.