Asset & Investment Management Bootcamp

Wealth & Investment Mangement 

This is the same training programs delivered to Investment Banking, Private Equity and Hedge Fund companies for their Analyst and Associate Training.  Offering the most comprehensive course on capital and wealth markets.  In addition to the 40-hours of on-demand training, the program includes a 3-day intensive Capstone program delivered live.

There are no formal prerequisites for the course, however a working knowledge of excel and financial mathematics is helpful. The program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required for new entrants into financial markets, while significantly enhancing the knowledge base of more experienced team members. The target audience includes relationship managers, junior traders, risk managers, treasury operations and general finance staff.

The course is delivered using an engaging combination of cloud-based video instruction, case studies, activities and exercises. The course also includes a discussion forum for delegates to engage directly with the instructors

Topics Covered

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• discuss the portfolio management process and identify the various tools used therein
• explain the various market risk metrics used in managing a bond portfolio
• describe a variety of ways that wealth clients may monetize views in the bond markets, including both directional and credit-based strategies
• explain the meaning and implications of a stock’s beta
• outline the mechanics, pricing and applications of a number of “forward” interest rate and equity derivatives for wealth clients (including futures and swaps)
• articulate intuitively how options are priced, and discuss the meaning and sources of volatility
• identify various ways that wealth clients may apply options, including the management of risk, the enhancement of returns or for trading purposes
• apply pay-off profiles to demonstrate the various option strategies
• describe the role of commodities in an investment portfolio
• reverse-engineer some simple structured products used by wealth clients across a variety of asset classes
• understand the

Intermediate / Intensive


Advanced Preparation: 

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