Online Video Principals

Audiovisual material provides a rich medium for learning. Video can effectively communicate complex information to a learner and, if used creatively, can become a powerful expressive tool.

There are an endless number of ways to exploit video in order to create motivating, memorable and inclusive learning experiences. However, watching a video can also be a passive encounter and so teaching methods must be used which instead turn that experience into a springboard for learner action and interaction.

CapitalWave is at the forefront of delivering financial video programs via our custom training portal. We have taken the learning framework of MOOC’s and our experience and applied them to create a truly engaging and dynamic delivery platform customization to your organizations needs.

In development of our video courses we follow three clear building principals:


Before viewing, it is important to prepare the learner for what they are about to see and to introduce the broad topic. Any parts of the video that you believe will challenge the learner should be outlined at this time.


Continuous interruptions during viewing, risk breaking concentration and should be avoided. Students can be given simple tasks to carry out while watching a video, which will help them to engage with the video’s content. Predefined pause points may also act to engage students by eliciting opinions during the viewing process.


Many different types of activity might follow on from watching a video. Content might be used to begin a discussion, individual reports might be written from different perspectives and learners can also be required to complete an assessment or exam based on the content they have just watched.

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