The Global Markets Academy offers programs, delivered online to staff globally.  Never again do you have to worry about geographically dispersed staff.  Our adoption of this MOOC learning-framework provides clients expansive abilities to deliver high quality training while focusing on reducing training costs.  Our Digital Learning Environment is both scalable and responsive to all types of client training.

Analyst & Associate Graduate Programs
Portfolio and Wealth Management
Capital Markets
Global Financial Markets
Forex Markets
Investment Banking
Risk Management

A comprehensive set of modules that include:

Global Financial Markets
Credit Derivatives
Regulatory Environment

Comprehensive Programs in:

Global Financial Markets
Capital Markets
Fixed Income Markets
Forex Markets
Energy Markets
Derivatives, Futures, Options and Swaps
Operations and Back Office Training
Investment Banking

Covering the following:

The Time Value of Money
Understanding the Yield Curve
Market Mathematics for Money Markets and Fixed Income Securities
Understanding Corporate Bonds