Founder / Chairman Bryant Nielson 
Bryant Nielson Building on 30+ years of management and training experience, Bryant launched CapitalWave in the midst of the financial crisis.  Believing that ‘technology-enabled solutions’ were going to be a bigger part of the learning and development process.  The insight obtained, having been the North American Director for an influential British training firm, Bryant learned first hand what the training needs were for much of the financial industry. This insight has powered his focus on providing relevant and realistic simulation platforms for those seeking careers in the financial industry. Having as a core-belief that technology is enabling, he is also the driving force behind the first corporate MOOC:    Here he is bringing together the best pedagogy for delivering engaging programs to a geographically distributed audience.  Leading the way with a blended approach of Free Programs, to develop trust, and providing a learning platform for paid Continuing and Professional Development (CPD) programs offered by CapitalWave and other leading training companies.
Director of Programs John Donato 
John Donato Pic

Mr. Donato has a broad range of experience in the financial industry, including trading, brokering, and creating and managing real-time trading systems for inter-dealer markets. John began his career with trading and risk management roles in fixed income and foreign exchange markets with commercial banks in New York. Among the markets he traded are Spot FX, US Treasury securities, repurchase agreements, CMOs, SBA Loan Pools, Fed Funds, and Eurodollar deposits. He also has experience as an inter-dealer broker in the interest rate derivatives markets and Forward FX arbitrage.

Since 1996, John held senior positions in the inter-dealer broker industry, creating business plans and e-commerce strategies for electronic brokering and trading. He designed matching engine algorithms and user interfaces and managed functionality testing of those applications in the financial, foreign exchange, and energy markets.

He was a founding member of the Kent State MSFE Advisory Board, and also created the intensive Financial Engineering Capstone course as part of the MSFE program.

Chief Technology Officer: Bohdan Yarchak
Bohdan has been our lead-programming for CapitalWave since 2014.  He has been instrumental in managing the team of programmers that are responsible for the simulation platforms that CapitalWave offers.  Having a unique capability to both envision engaging user interfaces as well as clean code, Bohdan has managed the deployment of our simulations with great ease and capabilities.

Running a geographically diverse set of programmers, Bohdan has excelled at keeping the development cycle and deployment on-time and within budget.

Corporate Analyst Jennifer Dan
Jennifer is a graduate of Kent State with an MS in Economics.  After interning at Disney, she took an Intern role with CapitalWave.  From that starting point, she has gradually taken on a valuable role as an Analyst for our simulations. Providing much of the hand-holding required for our programming team to develop and continually improve our simulation platforms. Jennifer is currently in a graduate program seeking a second MS this time in Human Resources.