College Recruitment

Using simulations as a recruitment enhancement tool for finanical institutions is an effective way to learn more about prospective candidates as well as to see how they manage both working in teams as well as thier risk tolorance.  We offer simulations in:

Equity Trading
Portfolio Construction
Forex Trading

Pluck the best candidates for your firm with these simulation tools.

Simulation Courses

A single or multi-day program where specific learning points are delivered via lecture, where our simulation(s) are used to enhance and embed complex elements into the educational program. We offer a variety of formats for use of our simulations – different scenarios, industries, economic environments, operational speed etc. Programs can be delivered either with one of our exceptional instructors or via your internal educational staff. Full online support via our specialists is offered to create a fully “blended” learning setting.

CapitalWave Student Simulations

CapitalWave offers simulations workships lasting 3-8 hours, with one/multiple simulations running throughout.

Normally organized for between 10 – 50 participants. Minor customization offered with institutional logos, suitable industry and economic scenario chosen.

These workshops can be repeated several times in the same format, or with a more customized, revised set-up.


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