“To get GAME-CHANGING results, start focusing on GAME-CHANGING thoughts.”  ― Robin Sharma

What is it?  

Corporate Consultancy for Training & Development Teams

CapitalWave has a unique perspective of the rapidly changing corporate educational market.  We see first hand the multitude of experiments that firms make to train and educate their staff.  Watching the results of these efforts allows for us to identify which educational designs are producing more effective results.

Coupled with this perspective is our own internal skill within the gamification and technology-enabled-learning space.  We don’t just play around with these skills, we deeply embed them into everything we do.  We were one of the first corporate training companies that conceived, built and ran MOOC-style training for clients.  We don’t just pretend to know this space, we are 100% committed to developing our expertise, giving you the ability to leap over your competitors.

Who is it about?

YOU.  Our approach to solving problems always begins with learning about your issues and obstacles.   Be it the adoption of a new learning framework or advice on the elements necessary for a financial-learning-lab.  While we have skin in the game, we are not one to recommend excess.  We tightly tie our recommendations to your business objectives.

What do you get?  

You get access to our senior team of experienced training and development professionals.

No learning on the job advisers.  Our team offers you over 100 years of combined perspective on training and development.  We offer advise based on our observations and rock-solid experience.

What is the outcome?         

Advancing the effectiveness and delivery of training in a competitive market.

Game Changing Consulting

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