• Online Video Based Training

    We live in challenging times. Social distancing requires that we create new ways of delivering training. Traning now needs to be delivered online. CapitalWave has been delivering online training since 2013. We have been innovators in this space.

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  • Associate & Analysts Training Programs

    Including Intern, summer, continuing education programs for the Capital and Wealth Markets

    Capital Markets Training Delivered Online
  • Innovative Learning Ideas

    Learning for a new generation, employing both online learning tools and simulations for greater engagement and excitement for the learning experience.

  • Simulations for the Financial Markets

    Simulations and Learning Platforms for Financial Mastery. Offering 6 different trading platforms and 3 powerful learning platforms, for a better understanding of the markets and powerful financial products.

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  • Online Video Learning

    We have adopted the MOOC-learning-framework for our Digital Learning Environment available to customers. Our catalogue of over 700 videos, covering all aspects of the financial markets, is currently in use by some of the largest Investment Banks in the world.

Technology Enabled Learning ™

We live in a dramatically evolving technological and knowledge society. In common parlance, technology is a tool; at least communication technology, to the average person, means computers, Internet, online video, mobile phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets. Oddly, this is not the dictionary definition. The standard Oxford dictionary definition of technology is “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes

At CapitalWave, it is not our place to debate the merits of the meaning but the phrase “communication technology” leaves out the learning dimension and that ultimately is what technology enabled learning is all about.

Technology Enabled Learning (or TEL) is the ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

At CapitalWave we provide and support a host of Technology Enabled Learning solutions primarily focused towards financial institutions and corporations like banks, wealth management firms, hedge funds and insurance companies, but also to leading academic universities, helping all them in delivering their financial curriculum to both staff and their clients.

From business performance Apps and Video Training courses delivered direct to the authorized users mobile, smartphone, iPad and tablets, too interactive financial simulation platforms, all designed to take advantage of the latest available technologies.