Customized eLearning Delivery

Our entire video content library can be delivered in a SCORM wrapper to plug into any LMS.  Here is an example of a single micro-learning course.

Investment Management Slide Deck  – Example Deck

Investment Management Foundations – Sample Course

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Below is an example of a Customized eLearning Solution


We have 180+ hours of Capital Market, Wealth Managment and Operations training.  We can take any of this content and develop any number of micro-learning paths that align with your business goals.

The example to the left was created as a POC for a client who wanted, both video training in additional to traditional elearning engagement tools for their staff.  For them, we created the following deliverable:

Course Name Expected Length
Understanding the Capital Markets 16 hours
Wealth Management Strategies and Solutions 17 hours
Consultative Process 4 hours
Basics of Investing 1 hours
Investment and Taxation 1 hours
Retirement Planning 2 hours
IRA Basics 1 hours
Qualified Plan Rollovers 2 hours
Investment Strategies & Retirement Cash Flow Considerations 2 hours
Environmental and Social Governance Investing’s 1 hours
Socially Responsible Investing 1 hours
Understanding Tactical Asset Allocation 2 hours
Value Investing 2 hours
Investment Objectives and Risk 1 hours
Mutual Funds 101 1 hours
Advanced Mutual Funds 1 hours
Behavioral Economics and Investing 2 hours
Behavioral Finance 1 hours
Business Financial Statement Analysis 3 hours