CapitalWave has worked with Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Financial Marketing companies and Universities to create unique simulations for corporate events.  While some of these simulations are for fun and entertainment, most of these programs are created to provide “real world experiential simulations” for senior traders and management teams.

We have delivered programs (using our financial simulation platforms) similar to these suggested concepts:

Collegiate Recruitmentrecruiting

Equity Trading
Portfolio Construction
Forex Trading

Political: Defense/Security

Conflict between India and Pakistan
Conflict between Israel and Iran
US Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities;
Terrorism (London or New York)
Conflict between Russia and Europe (commodities related  possibly disruption to gas supplies)
Conflict between China and the rest of the world regarding  ‘rare-earth’ minerals

Natural Events: Climate Change 

Hurricanes: if you can believe it,  we had a simulation for this BEFORE Hurricane Sandy hit metro-NY!

Tsunami in the Pacific
Tsunami in the Indian Ocean
Volcano Eruption
California/Japanese/China Earthquake

Regulatory /Compliance Issues:

Trading Losses at a Tier-1 Bank (JPMC, Societe Generale?)
ENRON style bankruptcy
Chinese manipulation of the Forex Markets.

Energy & Commoditiesenergy

Nuclear Reactor problem in France or Russia or Japan
Energy Disruption in China and India
Energy Disruption in Europe
Sustainability issues in commodities (rare earths, oil, food, etc.)

Global Health:

Drought/Fresh Water problems:  Disruption to Food Supplies
HIV/AIDS or similar biological event
SARS biological scare
Bird-flu Biological scare