Operations (Middle and Back Office) Bootcamp

The Roles of IT, Middle and Back Office Roles in Today’s Global Environment

This is equalivent to an 11-day course.

Our online program for IT, middle and back-office operations personnel is delivered by dedicated
operations professionals, with the primary focus on operations as a business in its own right.
This intense program is designed to produce operations personnel who will be fully prepared for their
desk role training within 2 ½ weeks of starting the program.

In recent years it has become increasingly important to develop operations personnel to acquire not
only a detailed understanding of the tasks for which they are responsible, but also to develop a ‘bigpicture’
understanding of the entire process of which they form a part. Many people that are cocooned
within their own tasks do not possess the wherewithal to spot potential problems that could arise in
other areas, unless they have been educated in the overall process flow.

Development of a strong all-round operations team increases the probability of detecting risks at the
earliest stage, understanding when the danger signals reach a point where escalation is necessary, and
as a result minimising errors leading to monetary loss and potential loss of clients.

Our program is led by operations professionals that have managed large operations departments and
who possess a multitude of day-to-day operations experiences, both positive and negative. Many of
these experiences are illustrated during the program; as such ‘war stories’ really hold the attention of
the delegates and have a long-lasting impact. We believe that our instructors possess a unique
combination of skills that combines their real-life experiences with highly structured learning methods.

Principal Objectives
The principal objectives of these 4 seminars, viewed from an operations perspective, are to:
• Facilitate a detailed understanding of the securities and derivatives trade lifecycle.
• Explain the fundamental similarities and differences between Securities, such as bonds and
shares, and derivatives including Exchange Traded (ETD) and Over the Counter (OTC) products.
• Understand how securities are settled and if “failed trades” are not dealt with, the costs that
can be incurred.
• Learn how Global Custody works and its role in International Securities Settlement
• Appreciate the importance of Corporate Actions and how they should be dealt with accurately
and in a cost efficient manner.
• Examine the world of OTC derivative trades and the basic operational concepts used to manage
the process.
• Explain the basic product pricing. How and what they are used for on a day to day basis
• Examine the role of each function within the organization and how they work together to
provide an effective process.
• Provide in-depth knowledge of the settlement process and a thorough understanding of the
• Explain the importance of automating the workflow process to optimize the banks processing
costs against profits, without increasing risk or reducing control.
• Describe basic book keeping (accounting entries) and the implications of creating automatic and
manual accounting entries against the P/L
• Be aware of the operational controls in each step in the settlement process and the importance
they play in reducing risk for the department and bank
• Identifying Non receipts of cash from c/parties and the effect this has on our Bank account –
“It’s not Monopoly Money”
• Facilitate the understanding of problem analysis using realistic scenarios

Delivery Method
We suggest that a blended learning approach combining dynamic instructor-led video sessions, casestudies,
simulations and workshops providing the most effective way to delivery training at all levels
within the organization.

Firm foundations can be laid with highly interactive video based training. Hands-on workshops and
simulation will then be used throughout the programme to allow delegates to put theory into
immediate and realistic practice, illustrating clearly how the concepts work in practice.

Passive learning will be kept to a minimum, and the emphasis will be on delegates achieving a true
understanding of the key concepts, and how they are applied.

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