“In recent years, simulations have gained popularity as a means of overcoming barriers to learning. A deep body of theoretical literature asserts the power of simulations to change behavior by giving managers the opportunity to experiment, test their assumptions, and learn from their mistakes in a risk-free environment.”
– McKinsey & Co

With the advance of technology and the development of more sophisticated approaches to learning, business simulations have now gained popularity as a powerful tool for organizational and academic trainers. The growth is being driven by the speed in which learners develop new capabilities and the immediate impact their new learning can have on performance.

A realistic simulation is a powerful tool that facilitates individual and group learning in a simulated environment that replicates a scenario. It allows the learner to be placed in a role that challenges them to discover how they can communication skills, whilst working in a completely safe improve their knowledge, decision-making and environment.With the ability of simulations to compress time lines and be modeled on previous real scenarios, learners can now experiment with different strategies and techniques and then understand the consequences of these through analytical reports and facilitated debriefs.

Quality, innovation and using the most advanced techniques technology can offer, have made CapitalWave a global leader in developing and delivering dynamic interactive web-based simulations to the financial and capital market sectors and the academic world.All our simulation platforms are provided to you via a secured hosted environment allowing you to be independent of IT constraints and logistical restrictions of where you can run the simulations.

We have clients accessing simulations via the internet from within their corporate training facilities, boardrooms, from hotel meeting rooms, conference centers, learning labs, trading rooms or academic classrooms and even from home.PowerSuite_small

The CapitalWave simulator platforms allows users access to sessions from multiple locations and from multiple time zones.Through use of the CapitalWave ‘PowerSuite’, facilitators, administrators and trainers have the unique ability to design your own simulation platform mix by licensing the CMS and PMS platforms and selecting either the FITS or FTS platform as an additional option for a custom catalog.


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