Bryant Nielson speaks at National Speakers Association

National Speakers Association, New York City Chapter, Invites
Capital Wave’s Bryant Nielson to Discuss Program Customization

Building on his knowledge in trading simulation software, Capital Wave’s MD, Bryant Nielson shared from insights that will help businesses differentiate and add value by optimizing the use of modern communication tools such as Skype.

(NEW YORK CITY, NY) – CapitalWave, a leading provider of training solutions for the capital markets and finance community recently spoke at the National Speakers Association, New York City Chapter (NSA), the premiere resource of local authorities and experts who speak, train, coach and consult in the biggest market in the country.

The event took place on March 18, 2011 in New York City during which practical program, training and technology expert Bryant Nielson covered how to set yourself apart from the competition by customizing your programs with the latest in computer and web technology.

Those in attendance described the presentation as “enlightening”, and even “best presentation of the year”

“Speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants know that technology can be an asset to their businesses but only if they know what’s available and how to quickly learn and customize these applications,” says Bryan Nielson.

In his presentation, Bryant Nielson showed how to set a business apart from the competition by customizing programs using technologies such as:

· Webinars as direct training and follow-up vehicles

· Skype, Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Oovoo and Fuse for client contact

· Webcasting (Dyyno, Ustream, Mogulus) for live training online

· Live engagement, live polling and more

Bryant Nielson is the Managing Director for CapitalWave Inc, and FinancialTrainingSolutions (FTS). FTS is a global training firm that specializes in delivering Innovative training solutions to the corporate and financial markets.

In 2010, Capital Wave introduced CapitalCMS Built on modern architecture, and the only training platform using broker ladders, CapitalCMS is able to emulate real trading under a tightly controlled environment in both open and closed training facilities.

CapitalCMS is already broadly used by financial Institutions to expand the knowledge base of staff and in late 2010, Coventry University became the first university in the world to implement the simulation platform on its London campus.


About CapitalWave

With offices in New York and London, CapitalWave is a leading global provider of financial training solutions in the capital & wealth markets. In addition to delivering courses in Equity Fundamentals, Fixed Income programs, Investment Management, Investment Banking, Forex, Commodities & Energy, Wealth Management, Risk Management, Asset & Liability Management, CFA programs and more. CapitalWave is also a creator of simulations for the financial markets. The company is headquartered in New York.

For more information, please visit – For a copy of the presentation, please contact Bryant Nielson directly.

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